A Rhythmkeeper framework for weaving rich themes and philosophy throughout your yoga teaching.
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Downloadable theming template

A practical framework

How to apply the framework

Video explanation

Q + A from the in-person workshop

Live responses

90 minutes

Self-paced, 12 months access

What's included?

  • Downloadable theming template
  • Ganesha and Saraswati mantra practice to invoke clarity and confidence
  • Live recording of Q + A
  • 35 minutes of video explaining the framework
  • Example themes

Build confidence

You will learn how to develop, organise and implement a theme into a yoga experience using all your own insights and creative ideas.

Find clarity

Simplify the process of planning and sequencing yoga experiences so your teaching is more potent and sustainable.

Anna Varga 

B. Ed, B. Behav Sci, 500RYT
Teacher of yoga + mystic spirituality, behavioural scientist.
Anna teaches tantra: the path of intimacy with all of life. She is trained in the ISHTA yoga lineage and holds degrees in psychology and education.

Anna founded Rhythmkeeper as a space to honour the sacred, to explore self, and to invite others into the experience of ‘living yoga' in the messy playground of daily life.
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