TANTRIC Meditation

Learn to meditate effortlessly

Become adept at using ancient tantric meditation tools and cultivate an adaptable spiritual practice that will serve you for years to come.

Effortlessness, Radical Acceptance and Surrender. 
These are the three keys to meditation we explore in this course - a step-by-step process of accessing tantric meditation, ideal for anyone who wants to reliably access states of transcendence on a daily basis.

Onwards, upwards & inwards we go!


What's included?

  • 45 minutes of step-by-step tutorial videos
  • Specific tantric dharanas (focuses) for meditation
  • How to reground
  • 3 keys for effortless meditation
  • Sanskrit  glossary

Advanced Mudra Practice

Chakra Bhedana: Learn to balance your energy system using mudra and dharana.

A Complete Practice

A video of the full 20 minute tantric meditation process including regrounding

"Meditation is the procedure to rearrange, harmonize, activate, and integrate the individual life energy with the cosmic life energy."


Frequently asked questions

What is Tantric Mediation?

A sequence of tantric dharanas (focuses) that create an accessible, adaptable process for accessing a potent meditative state. Tantric meditation is a technique for people who want to be in this world rather than escaping it. It teaches us to experience the richness of what life has to offer by honing our ability to pay attention.

Who can join?

Everybody! No prior experience necessary, these techniques are suitable for open-minded beginners (including young people) or a powerful way to boost your current meditation practice. ​The Three Tools create a unique and life-changing practice that is possible for ALL people.

Will I learn how to establish a consistent practice?

Finding a way to integrate the ritual of meditation into your daily life in an enjoyable, non-negotiable way is as important as actually being able to meditate. We will work on both the practice and the routine of meditation, as well as getting to the root of the traps you might encounter as you start to cultivate your daily ritual of dropping in.

What do I need?

The course includes written content, video and audio. You may like to use headphones.

I recommend finding a quiet space and wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

Have a pen and paper handy if you're a note-taker.

Student feedback

This has been a life changing experience. My commitment to ease + no expectations gives me permission of freedom. Thank you.
Thank you so much for running this course! It was such a fantastic opportunity for a novice such as me to deepen my understanding of yoga, meditation + spirituality whilst teaching us how to fit it in with our day to day routine. I loved every minute of it! 
Thank you, Anna. This warm and wonderful course taught me so much without me even realising the content that I am learning at the time. Your beautiful spirit and kind and calming voice help make meditation infinitely more approachable - even for a chatty + anxious gal like me! 

Anna Balston

Tantra teacher, Behavioural Scientist, self-love (and hate) veteran. 

Cottesloe, WA
Anna Balston is the founder of Rhythmkeeper: A school for un-learning what is not you, and remembering your true capacity for pleasure, purpose & power. 

Anna is trained in the ISHTA yoga lineage and holds degrees in psychology and education. She founded Rhythmkeeper as a space to honour the sacred, to explore self, and to invite others into the experience of ‘living yoga' in the messy playground of daily life.
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