Goddess Kali: Discernment, cutting ties and fierce love.

Invoke the frequency of Kali through mudra, mantra, pranayama and asana. Cut ties with the past and make space for new ways of being.

Turn the lights out, light some candles, crank the playlist and prepare to shed your skin.

What's included?

  • Intro to Goddess Kali
  • Journal prompts
  • 20 minute yoga invocation
  • Playlist for Kali work
  • Kali Prayer

Clarify Your Offering

What are you ready to cut ties with? What cycles and patterns have served their purpose? Gain clarity around what you're ready to let go of with journal prompts.

Invoke Kali

Practice with me as we invoke Goddess Kali through movement, mantra, mudra and pranayama. This is a powerful 20 minutes of body work to call in the frequency of Kali.

Anna Balston

Tantra teacher, Behavioural Scientist, self-love (and hate) veteran.
Anna is a trained educator and lifelong student of the human condition. She teaches mystical self-development and healing through yoga and compassionate self-study. She holds a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and mental health/suicide-awareness certifications. Her life is the product of years of practicing the very same tools she shares through this platform.
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