Many of us are familiar with the cycle of body dissatisfaction, shame, frustration, compulsive or restrictive eating, negative thought spirals and appearance-focused exercising.

I know too well the feeling of wanting to look and feel different but nothing you try works, or it works for a little while, and then you end up back where you started trying to summon the courage to begin the next diet or exercise regime, 'falling off the bandwagon' and then punishing yourself or giving up altogether.

Body shame and diet culture can seem like inevitable lifelong burdens.

If you have grown tired of this cycle and are ready to address the root causes - welcome!

Welcome to a place where you will be given the tools to learn to accept yourself as you are, get to the root of dysfunctional belief systems around body image, weight and food, and cultivate a harmonious relationship with your physical self.

Study at your own pace
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The last two weeks were a pure self-love and acceptance journey for me. For the first time in my life I was really able to talk gently with myself. I feel so liberated and strong. Of course it is still a journey and it probably will be. But I am so grateful that you took my hand and showed me how to do it."
MK, 2021



Release the belief that you need to be a certain weight before you can live fully


Bring to light underlying beliefs that maintain negative self-image.


Bring to life a body in which you feel free, confident, beautiful and yourself.


Learn the art of surrender and self-soothing for comfort.


Pacify your nervous system to release dysfunctional patterns.


Return to natural rhythms of eating and exercising intuitively.
...for the first time in my adult life I have allowed myself to marvel at my body and what it is capable of.”
Vanessa, 2021
Would you love to be at peace with your body? Would you love to trust that your body will intuitively eat and exercise in ways that make you feel and look good? Would love to access the missing piece of the self-acceptance puzzle so you can be free of body shame and diet culture?

Cultural standards of beauty and thinness can wear us down, but we can cultivate inner peace to counteract these forces.

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Begin a journey of liberating yourself from body shame.


I don't want to lose weight but I struggle with accepting my body, is this course still for me?

Yes. Weight loss can be and is often a natural by product of this curriculum for those people who feel they are carrying excess weight. However, the real 'work' has nothing to do with becoming smaller - only more at peace with your self and more free in your body.

I have a history of eating disorders. Will this be helpful for me?

These practices are helpful and healing for anyone who feels their relationships with weight, food and exercise are not peaceful. However, Body Peace is not specifically tailored for eating disorders and Body Peace is not health or medical advice. Please discuss your participation with a trusted doctor or mental health professional.

Do I only have access to the course for 21 days?

Each week for 3 weeks you will receive access to 7 days of lessons. You have access to the course for 12 months. 

How much time will the course require from me?

The daily practices take 10-20 minutes to complete and include reading materials, meditations, breathwork, affirmations and journaling practices.
I have already experienced some profound positive changes from Body Peace, and I am not even finished! The biggest shift has been a reduction in my inner criticism and judgment that has constantly plagued me for most of my life.
Laura, 2021
Every person has a complex and nuanced relationship with their body. My experience is mine alone and I acknowledge the privilege that I have experienced as a result of my body being what would generally be considered ’thin’. Our cultural ideals around beauty and deeply engrained fat phobia have resulted in an almost universal experience of body shame in which people of all shapes and sizes feel a need to be in a smaller, thinner or in a differently shaped body. However, I can't necessarily relate to the lived experiences of those in bigger bodies and for those of you who identify as being in a bigger body who have joined me here I value your presence, insight and am humbled that you see value in this healing journey I offer.

The complexity of this work could also include illness, trauma, disability, oppression and many other factors. These practices do not attempt to oversimplify or undermine the way these factors may impact each person’s healing and weight journey. Instead, they offer an alternative to the dominant narrative of diet culture and its superficial solutions to deep-rooted issues.

Some of these practices direct you to be self-responsible for your thoughts and beliefs, even though these thoughts and beliefs may have been imposed upon you by cultural ideals or other external forces. This work does not intend to place blame on you for this thinking, or any internalised beliefs - but instead to offer a doorway into a new way of thinking in spite of what the world may continue to impose upon you. It is a rebellion that begins with you and your mind.

Whilst I cannot know the full scope of every person's complex story, I do know that the root causes of body shame, and the tools for healing, are universal. I have found through my direct experience as both a student and a teacher this work is transformative for a diverse range of people in cultivating a healed relationship with one’s physical body and body-image. My experience of living and breathing these practices has led me to both feel lighter in my body and mind, and to shed physical weight as I have returned to intuitive patterns of eating, moving and resting my body.

In sharing these teachings I am NOT promoting thinness or the glorification of weight loss. These teachings are for not necessarily for everybody, because they require an attunement to the spiritual, but they are for anybody who is open to this way of working and has a sense that their physical body is not an accurate reflection of the person they wish to show up as in this life because of an emotional or psychological heaviness. Body Peace isn’t about creating a body to fit mainstream society's demands, but instead finding freedom in your relationship with your body so that you can live your life fully despite the narrow expectations of the world.

Anna Balston

Tantra teacher, Behavioural Scientist, self-love (and hate) veteran.

About ANNA
Anna teaches tantra: the path of intimacy with all of life. She is trained in the ISHTA yoga lineage and holds degrees in psychology and education. Based in Cottesloe, Western Australia, Anna founded Rhythmkeeper as a space to honour the sacred, to explore self, and to invite others into the experience of ‘living yoga' in the messy playground of daily life.
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